Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Automobile Wheel Alignment at Signature Repairs located in Barrie.

Visit Signature Repairs in Barrie, Ontario for expert Wheel Alignment services.

Visit Signature Repairs in Barrie for wheel alignment services done on your vehicle today!

Why should you have your wheels aligned?

An accurate wheel alignment is critical to balance the wheels tread wear and performance a vehicle's tires deliver. Regular wheel alignments will usually save you as much in the tire wear as they cost, and should be considered routine, preventative maintenance. Since there are "acceptable" ranges provided in the manufacturer's recommendations, the technician should be encouraged to align the vehicle to the preferred settings and not just within the range.

- Consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.
- Something as simple as hitting a curb or a pothole can cause your vehicle to be out of alignment.
- Incorrect wheel alignment can affect the handling and safety of your vehicle, as well as cause irregular tire wear.

Consists of Adjusting Your Vehicle's:

Camber - the angle at which the wheels sit on the road, when viewed from the front of the vehicle.

Toe - the measurement of the distance between at the front and back of the tire. If they are pointed in or out it will cause excessive tire wear.

Caster - the angle at which the suspension is situated to pivot your wheels. If the caster is out of alignment, the steering will be loose and difficult to keep in a straight line, or it will be tight and the steering wheel may kick when you go over a bump.

A proper wheel alignment can ensure control, safety and a longer tire life for your vehicle.

Maintenance intervals will vary depending on model year, engine and type of use. Please review with your service advisor to determine your interval requirements.

Make sure your next wheel alignment is done right. Visit Signature Repairs in Barrie, Ontario for it's quality wheel alignment services.

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