Fleet Autobody and Mechanical Repair

Fleet Autobody and Mechanical Repair

Be ready to make deliveries quickly and at the highest quality!

Signature Repairs provides Fleet autobody and mechanical repair in Barrie, Ontario

Your fleet may be trucks, vans, strange combinations, or something else entirely. Whatever it is and whatever you like to call it, you rely on it to run your business. You rely on these machines to continue functioning effectively throughout their life so you can make deliveries, go from place-to-place on a whim, and ensure your customers are satisfied with whatever you are providing them. Maybe your fleet has run fine for years now or maybe it is brand new, regardless you are here because something's gone wrong and you need it fixed ASAP.

Signature repairs is well-prepared to repair the autobody itself as well as any mechanical faults that may have appeared. Has one found itself in an accident? Has part of the body been crushed because of it? We can fix that!
Did your main brakes give out? Is something leaking but you just can't quite tell what? Is there a squeaking you can't identify but know it's better to find out in a shop than on some dusty backroad? Whatever has happened, whatever the reason your fleet needs repairs, they can be done by Signature repairs.

Our certified and highly-qualified technicians will examine your fleet, diagnose the problem, and begin repairs in record time. Throughout repairs we will be keeping an eye out for any other repairs you may have not noticed that we can take care of with your permission. Safety is our top priority and we will work until we are all satisfied with your fleet.

We offer no-obligation quotes about price for mechanical and body repairs. For more information please call or visit Signature Repairs in Barrie, Ontario.

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